Alexis E. Azan



Associate Director – Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited – 2007 – Present

•  2019-Present – Deloitte

Leading the Lean Agile Center of Excellence for Deloitte Global as a Certified SAFe® 5 Program Consultant (SPC) and Agilest (SA) which is an implementation professional responsible for training leaders, change agents, consultants, and team members to drive a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale. Key areas of competency include designing a SAFe implementation, launching and facilitating an Agile Release Train (ART), and extending the Lean-Agile portfolio by launching additional ARTs.

SAFe is the world’s leading framework for scaling Agile across the enterprise. Used by hundreds of the world’s largest organizations, SAFe sustains and drives faster time-to-market, dramatic increases in productivity and quality, and improvement in employee engagement. The result is greater alignment and visibility across the organization, connecting the business strategy to execution, enabling better business results, faster, and with a higher degree of predictability and quality.

Trained over 700+ resources in SAFe methodology and coached dozens of teams in the implementation of  a knowledge base of proven, integrated principles and practices to support business agility.

•  2018-Present – Deloitte

Product Owner and Engagement Leader for Deloitte Integrated Global Search studio which is an extensive enterprise search product and service that provides the means to search both structured and unstructured data sources for 300K end users and 3,100 partners in 150 countries. DIGS supports SharePoint and Non-SharePoint content as well as Office 365, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases via a multiple access Global Search user interface.

The product’s personalized results are returned based on the user’s member firm and location using a single curated relevancy model from a ubiquitous index and managed taxonomy. DIGS provides access to accurate, relevant, and authoritative knowledge and expertise by running queries against content stores, people information, and collaboration sites. The enhanced functionality offers the ability to filter search results by geography, content sources, dates, and other refiners.

Currently the Executive sponsor and leader of the Compliance, Testing & Quality Assurance (CTQA) Community of Practice and Community of Excellence.  Bringing together over 180 diverse, remote, motivated and innovative individuals in a dynamic culture of collaboration, automation, lean thinking, measurable outcomes and sharing of experience and relevant knowledge.  Also serve a senior leadership role in the DevSecOps CoP and Business Analysts CoP.

 2016-2018 – Deloitte

Delivery Excellence Team Leader – Communities of Practice Chair, Test Automation (Selenium/Junit) Architect, Metrics and Business Intelligence (MS Power BI) Developer, Operational Eminence, Agile Development, DevSecOps and CI/CD

Part of a global senior leadership team primarily charged with systematically and continuously, effecting cultural and skills based agile transformation of 30 global product delivery teams. Global DTTL teams are comprised of over 600 resources, responsible for over 130 distinct business software solutions. These “global” systems support the 42-billion-dollar business operations of the Deloitte Member Firm network and its 300K practitioners in over 150 countries.

Directed a team of six senior cross functional leaders to address long standing internal needs for server farm software updates, software version standardization, platform patching and general security hardening. My team reduced non-compliant items from 17K to under 100 items in three months. Attained A+ external audit rating and we were commended by executive leadership for our innovation and outstanding results.

Lead outreach program with 2 local high schools, 45 high performing students and 8 Teachers. Students come to Deloitte offices every 6 weeks for one-day long life, job, career coaching. In 2016 I decided to teach them Kanban, Agile and Scrum. It was a big hit with the young people and noted as one of the most successful new Deloitte Junior Academy programs by DTTL Corporate social responsibility leadership.

• 2012-2016 – Deloitte

Global Shared Products Studio Leader – 10 global business solutions, 12.5M budget, 45+ distributed resources. Directed the largest product delivery team in Deloitte Global for 4 years. My area was focused on internal, unifying and essential software such as: The solution for worldwide employee data consolidation, adjudication, archival and dissemination. Master Data Management systems for all client information. Taxonomy to permit the classification of data across systems and databases. SOA to provide standard services and transports to name a few.

Also led the process and tools team which selected, implemented and operated all tools used by the development and product delivery teams across DTTL Global.

Chartered, lead and chaired communities of practice leadership and sub-committees such as Test Automation, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Business Analysis, PMO practices, Software Engineering, Operations, Metrics and Business Intelligence and DevOps.

• 2011-2012 – Deloitte

Global Shared Services, India – Quality Assurance and Quality Control Global leader – 95 business solutions, 5M budget, 365+ India based resources The greatest interval of professional and personal growth in my career. Lived as an expatriate in India while directing an 18-month initiative to establish an entirely new IT business solutions team based in Hyderabad.

Oversaw the remote development site personnel and budget. Directed and managed 75 in-flight development project transitions. Expanded operations to include 365+ new employees, directing all aspects of recruiting, cultural coaching, training and talent development.

• 2007-2011 – Deloitte

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Global Leader – 90 business solutions, 10M budget, 325+ resources Developed and directed cultural and process transformations. Continuous focus on testing, automation, development and product team capabilities improvement programs, and strategic projects across the enterprise supporting all Deloitte Member Firms worldwide. Provided training and coaching on SCRUM, AGILE, KANBAN, DevOps and test automation frameworks adoption.

Senior Contributing Member of: Tools and Process, Testing, Automation, Business Analysis, Development, DevOps, Continuous Delivery Communities of practice. Deloitte EmpowerD and Diversity Champion – New Jersey.

Quality Assurance and Development Process Leader – SEI Investments

• 2004 -2007 – SEI

Provided senior-level management of division operations, including budgeting, resource management, contract negotiations, vendor selection, vendor management and strategic planning.

Applied TQM, RUP and early agility/XP centered philosophies and frameworks to tailor and formalized a culture and organizationally sensitive application development life cycle for a business solutions team of over 500 distributed resources.

Implemented processes and tools, including standards and internal training materials for QualityCenter (TestDirector), WinRunner, LoadRunner, Parasoft (JTest), PVCS and Starteam.

Founded and structured the PM, BA, QA, SE and OPS communities of practice. Served as the organizational quality champion, process architect, agility coach and automation master subject matter expert.

Defined quality related value streams, strategic quality team road maps, test automation frameworks for UI and DB testing, modernizing manual waterfall testing practices to automated, continuous and agile testing methods within the first 12 months.

Increased automated testing capabilities 25% year over year. Within 18 months the enterprise had reduced 6 weeks of manual testing to 3 days of orchestrated execution from a dedicated test automation lab. Reliance on contract staff was reduced by 40%. The test automation program was a significant objective and enabled development to release product with greater velocity while permitting a 50% increase in early phase exploratory testing.

Introduced formal KPIs, standards and guidelines to improve leadership and product team transparency, situational intelligence and a basis for continuous improvement. Introducing situational and project health leadership dashboards within the first 6 months.

Directed and mentored 65 local QA and business analyst professionals, as well as 50 remote QA staff in Bangalore, India.

Chief Methodologist and Managing Director- The Matlen Silver Group

• 2000 – 2004 – Matlen Silver Group

Recruited as a founding, profit sharing, practice partner, collaborating in the expansion to a world-class Testing Service Provider, generating $1.5 million in revenue in the first year of operation.

Guided client management through company’s technical and delivery capabilities, resulting in an increase in testing professional services and project revenues.

Provided pre-sales client consultations and account executives counseling to maximize sales closure rate and quality of delivery.

Implemented a state-of-the-art performance e-commerce testing facility for the CSA department capable of supporting cross-platform and multiple product testing.

• Education: Memorial H.S. WNY NJ, Pace University NYC NY.

• Speaks fluent Spanish

• References available upon request.

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